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The beds are better than we were imagining - your 5 degree angle just elevates their look. Exceptional workmanship and pieces that will be enjoyed a very long time. We are so pleased.


The table and benches appear extremely well crafted.  I have looked them over completely and really like your workmanship.  They complement our place well and will be appreciated over the years to come.  Thank you for being so accurate with your measurements and placing great care in your work.  The quality shows.

- Rob

Appreciate all your effort to deliver the wall unit as discussed & fix the few deficiencies without issue. Look forward to working with you again.

- Jamie and Mark

Thanks Sascha, best investment I ever made, great job and thanks for your fine details. This is a one of a kind kitchen which my wife loves. Thanks for coming all the way to FN to install it.


In August of 2021 we had Sascha build some custom Oak bookcases for our living room. The project was completed within a month, on-time and on-budget. We were delighted with the results: the workmanship was excellent and the finished shelves exceeded our expectations.

With this in mind, in November, 2021, we decided on a second project – specifically, a mantle for a gas fireplace and some additional, integrated bookshelves – again in Oak to match the previous bookcases and other furnishings in our home. Photos can be seen at Once again, we are exceedingly happy with the results. The workmanship is excellent with tight, secure finishing. The installation and removal of previous shelving was completed on schedule - no fuss, no muss - before Christmas with the project completed within the budget established. We have no hesitation in recommending Sascha as a very competent, capable custom furniture fabricator who designs, constructs, and installs in a neat, clean, efficient manner. And, he’s friendly and easy to work with!


You just did a refinish job on a dining room table for my sister and her husband.

Although I hadn’t heard of you I recommended to her that she try and find someone that does epoxy work to fill the voids and refinish the rough original surface on her table.

She was so disappointed with her table when she originally purchased it as it showed up not looking like what she was expecting. However I can attest that she now loves the new look you brought to it.

I had dinner with them the other night and I am so glad she found someone as skilled as yourself......that table looks awesome now!

I wish you much success in your business and will recommend you to everyone I know.

Keep up the great work!!


Thanks very much Sascha!

We love the finish on our table, it’s perfect!

Thanks again


Love the did excellent work. Thank you.


Thanks for the great job!


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