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Live Edge Design

Coffee or dining tables, mantle pieces, vanities - you name it, I build it. Give your home the cozy and/or modern touch with live edge wood. Oiled, treated with resin, color or plain - your imagination is the limit.

Custom furniture and cabinetry

The right piece of furniture or cabinet can elevate any space. Utilize dead room for more storage, cozy up your bedroom with a floating bed with built in lighting, or give your entrance an eye-catching wardrobe. Whatever you need, there is a solution specialized for your needs.

Finishing carpentry

The finishing touch on a home is important. Trim, moldings, baseboards, and more all complete the picture of your home and require precision and a keen eye for details.

Refacing and re-surfacing

Not all cabinetry needs replacing. Often refacing them with new fronts can bring a new and fresh look to existing cabinets.

Surfaces of furniture can easily be upgraded by re-surfacing. Whether it's knots, bug holes or just wear and tear - re-surfacing can make your piece look like new again.

3D Visualization

Sometimes it can be tough, to really imagine a project, before it is built. I can help you with 3D visualizations of your project so you know in advance what it will look like in your room and can make better decisions on the details that matter.

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